The sun was just rising when the Captain Hilliard 'Intrepid' Noonan was woken up by one of the swabbies. He was told that a great storm was coming, and that everyone was scared, but when he got out of his quarters, everyone had jumped ship and abandoned him on his beloved vessel, 'The Sudden Damnation'.

Now it's your job to help poor ol' Captain Noonan to keep his ship afloat as long as possible until the very end! Run around the Sudden Damnation, repairing its rooms and parts, so you can keep flying a little longer.

If 3 rooms or the Engine room alone are gone, it's your turn to walk the plank, knave!

Hold on for dear life and give it your best, the Captain counts on you!

Controls are left and right to move, C to repair rooms, and spacebar to jump.

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